Stapelwender BSW 3-1200 AUP

Pile Turner BSW 3-1200 AUP

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Special Voltage (different from 400 V, 50 cycles)on demand
Surrounding catwalk€ 3.878,-
additional operator's panel€ 856,-
Platform set in the flooron demand
Double clamping (pallet clamping, exchanging system pallet against system pallet)€ 4.200,-
logistics inline€ 13.000,-
Pallet exchange system€ 30.250,-
Spare parts pack (containing one set of the basic spare and wear parts)on demand
Automatic removal of the empty pallet€ 12.000,-
Additional roller conveyor for version LOGISTICS€ 5.450,-
Additional lifting bar for pile correction (for double clamping)€ 1.450,-

Associated charges


€ 1.000,-
Transport insurance€ 220,-


Placement (at ground level), installation, setup, training€ 6.500,-
Service contract (5 years)on demand


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Baumann pile turners BSW 3-1200  AUP have been developped especially for the demands of the automatic non-stop in the feeding attachment of the different printing-machines. Special system pallets are used.

Complete with CE-declaration, operator's manual and wiring diagrams;
electric installations for 3 x 400 V + PE, 50 cycles




  • pile turning
  • aligning the edges of a centered stack exactly, by means of an expandable alignemnt-ruler
  • exchanging transport-pallets against system-pallets
  • ventilating and thus separating the sheets prior to the printing or die-cutting process
  • turning different substrates (from thinner to very strong materials)


Scope of delivery:

  • the pile-turner can be installed on a level floor (no pit is required), suitable for formats 3, 6 and 7
  • stop with automatic clamping system for system pallets (format 6) for an easy exchange of the transport-pallet against the system-pallet.
  • expandable and retractable guide for a central positioning of the stack on the system-pallet
  • intensified aeration device with ventilation boxes (adjustable to suit the selected format)
  • vibration device


Both the pile and the transport pallet are put (together) on top of the system pallet (approx. centrical with a flushed front endge) by means of a forklift truck. Putting the system pallet into the pile-turner after taking out the transport pallet (which is usually a complicated and thus slow procedure) is not necessary.

Pallet exchange
After the carrying plates have been closed and the pile has been turned by 180 °, the system pallet is clamped in its position on the upper board before opening the carrying boards. After the opening, a gap opens between the transport pallet and the system pallet - great enough for a manual removal of the transport pallet. (Turning the pile directly from a system pallet onto another system pallet is not included, but is available as an option).

Pile alignment
Before putting the pile into the pile turner, the format is registered at the operating panel. After that, the alignment guide and the allocated aeration box get into the alignment  position. Together with the fixed alignment stop of the system pallet they make sure that the pile gets into the centrical position during the alignment process (the distances to the right and left edge of the pallet will be  identical). This is possible as the alignment-ruler is not stationary and not guided by the carrying boards but extends only when the alignment process is started. It can thus "sit" on the projecting system pallet. The alignment ruler is expandable on one side and motor driven and positions according to the format width, which has been entered at the operator's panel.

Aeration and vibration
After the platforms have been closed and the pile has been turned and tilted into the alignment-position, it is aligned against the alignment-ruler (the alignment being assisted by the aeration and vibration devices)

General note on the final price!
Total price ex works, including packing, excluding transport insurance and installation, strictly net.
This is a domestic price for the Federal Republic of Germany, prices for the sale abroad may be higher.

Technical Data

Min. sheet format 500 x 650 mm
Max. sheet format 750 x 1060 mm
Max. loading capacity 1200 kg
Interior platform size 1230 x 900 mm
Max. pile height 1800 mm (ohne Palette)
Min. pile height 600 mm (ohne Palette)
Power supply kVA 18 kVA

* The technical data may vary depending on the version and the desired options. Please contact us to receive the technical data for your individual configuration.

Installation requirements:

  • The necessary ground conditions according to DIN 18202 must be ensured for the complete installation surface of the pile-turner.
  • A power supply of 400 V, 50 cycles, neutral conductor, PE is to be provided by the customer.
  • The air-supply with a minimum of 6 bar is to be provided by the customer; the transfer point must be lockable.



The installation will take approximately four working days, plus set-up and travelling-times. We assume that all necessary preparations on site have been made out prior to the installation so that the installation can be carried out without interruption and delay. For fitting work, unpacking and transport of equipment, the customer provides some of his staff, transporting and lifting equipment.


Please note:

  • Compressed-air is required.
  • The machine is dowelled to the floor.
  • The machine is equipped with a safety-fence as well as with safety-light barriers.
  • Floor loading: 2500 kg / m² (please check the load bearing capacity)