Stapelwender BSW 3-1200 (N)

Pile Turner BSW 3-1200 (N)

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RRP / MSRP: € 28.863,-
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Comfort version BSW 3 (blower 7,5 kW, 40 m³ / min. air)€ 2.780,-
Sheet downholding device€ 645,-
Spare parts pack (containing one set of the basic spare and wear parts)on demand
Special voltage (different from 400 V, 50 cycles)€ 3.015,-
Pressure limit: Stopping the platform movement with two light barriers (preventing the pile from being compressed)€ 1.135,-
additional operator's panel€ 951,-

Associated charges


€ 600,-
Transport insurance€ 70,-


Placement (at ground level), installation, setup, training€ 1.200,-
Service contract (5 years)on demand


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Easy and effortless turning of paper and cardboard-stacks.
- comlpete with CE-declaration, operator's manual and wiring-diagrams;
- electric installations for 3 x 400 VAC + N + PE.


  • Hydraulic drive for lifting and lowering and
    for opening and closing of the platforms
  • Push-button to release the locking mechanism
  • Smooth bearings for easy and effortless manual turning
  • We recommend to dowel the pile-turner to the floor
  • Floor loading: 1500 kg / m² (please check the load bearing capacity)


After the pile has been placed on the platform, the platforms are closed hydraulically. The closing of the platforms is stopped by the operator when the upper platform comes to rest on top of the pile.

The hydraulic tilting is activated by pressing the respective button. For safety reasons, the pile is tilted into a fully horizontal position.

The locking mechanism can only be released when the pile has reached the horizontal position; only then can the pile be turned. The turning movement is very smooth. The final positions are cushioned by high-quality oil-pressure shock-absorbers.

Operator's Panel
The operator's panel can be swivelled so that the operator has got an optimum overview over the aeration- and alignment-process.

Technical Data

Min. sheet format 500 x 650 mm
Max. sheet format 800 x 1200 mm
Max. loading capacity 1200 kg
Interior platform size 850 x 1400 mm
Max. opening of platforms 1450 mm
Min. opening of platforms 630 mm
Power supply kVA 4 kVA

Please note:

  • No compressed-air is required.
  • We recommend to dowel the pile-turner to the floor
  • Floor loading: 1500 kg / m² (please check the load bearing capacity)